Top 10 Lakes and Beaches in Switzerland

Best Lake in Zurich

Beaches in Switzerland are mainly of the lake variety though some seaside beaches are there with long white sandy stretches. Again, there are some swiss beaches with amazingly beautiful beachside campsites packed with every little thing you will need when visiting the best beaches in Switzerland. So, if you are planning to swim and take a refreshing dip, don’t think twice to set out and enjoy moments in the beautiful, clean, and well-groomed beaches in Switzerland. Let’s get going!


Top 10 Lakes and Beaches in Switzerland

Switzerland is a famous destination for its breathtakingly beautiful rivers, lakes, and seas that cover almost 4% of its area. If you are planning to go on a holiday tour in this summer, then nothing can be better than Switzerland. The crystal-clear mountain lakes of Switzerland, water skiing, and fishing will give a heavenly pleasure that you will forget all your grief and agony.

Now, let’s get started choosing your next holiday destination and explore the Top 10 Beaches and Lakes in Switzerland in case you aren’t sure where to go in Switzerland.

1. Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen, Zurich

Beaches in Switzerland Zurich

Strandbad is one of the most popular lakes in Switzerland. The clear water of the lake, the public bathing spots, the diving area, a shallow lake water pool, a floating platform make this lake unique and attractive. The beach of this lake is smooth and stony. There is a soft green wide lawn here. You can enjoy a sunbath or water bath. There are restaurants, bars, and clubs for your refreshment along with changing and washing stuff. You will be glad to know that there is a separate area for nudists as well. You should choose Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen, Zurich for your next travel destination for all these fun activities.


2. Bains des Paquis, Geneva

Geneva’s popular Jet d’eau from the Bains des Paquis is a wonderful lake and a public bathing sight. The beach is very beautiful and the sand is silver. You can enjoy water polo, bath in the hammam, tai-chi lessons at this famous beach. Take a tour to Geneva to enjoy these things along with fondue, which is, to many, the best in Paquis. You are always welcome to relax in the sauna, take a body massage, or enjoy the exotic plates of seafood in some restaurants nearby.


3. Lido San Domenico, Lugano

Lido San Domenico Lugano

Lido San Domenico is a beautiful place that has a wonderful view of the Caprino and the lake in Lugano. You can reach there by boat enjoying the beautiful mountains at the backdrop. It’s just a few minutes walks from the Villa Helenium. The beach is suitable for families and couples. The most attractive thing to do here is boat riding and sunbath on the white beach and sunny lawn. You will find the Monte San Giorgio world natural heritage and the Campione d’Italia enclave. It includes a famous casino.


4. Seebad Utoquai

Seebad Utoquai

Seebad Utoquai is another notable lake in Switzerland located on the lakeside promenade near Bellevue. It is said that Lake Seebad is the only remaining 19th-century lake bathing house of Zurich. There you will find wonderful wooden structures and a pretty pool. There are gender-separated sun decks, massage parlor, sauna for your service. A water bath after a hot oil massage gives you a heavenly pleasure. There is a kiosk restaurant that serves authentic Mediterranean dishes and seafood. If you get bored after all these refreshments, you can go to the nearby bar and enjoy your favorite drink listening to live music performances as well.


5. Flussbad Oberer Letten

One of Zurich’s main attractions is the Flussbad Oberer Letten, a famous hangout place for hipsters. On the right bank, there are wooden panels for lounge around, beach for playing beach volley, a bar, and many more. Zurich’s unique attraction is the “Badis” which is the most attractive among others. You can have a long swim from the left bank to the west bank. Make sure your body is in shape while you go there.


6. Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

One of Europe’s largest lakes is Lake Geneva, located in the southeast part of Switzerland. You will find a lake with crystal clear water and mountains that surround the lake. The southern shores of this very lake are the belongings of France. Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, etc. are the most important cities of which surround the lake. It is a popular place for family trips. The beach is sandy, the lawn is sunny. And, there is the Lavaux wine-growing area here which has been recognized as a UNESCO cultural heritage site.


7. Lake Sempach

Lake Sempach

Lake Sempach is a famous lake in Switzerland. You can enjoy a large number of holiday activities in this place. The scenario here enchants the mind and makes it refreshed. You will see a blending of culture, nature, culinary delights, and sports on the gorgeous landscape of Lake Sempach. The beach is sandy white. And, among all the notable spots here, the old town of Sursee, municipality, Beromunster castle museum, the first printing press of Switzerland, etc. around this lake.


8. Lake Zurich

Best Lake in Zurich

Lake Zurich is a beautiful lake in the heart of Switzerland. It’s a popular place for some attractive leisure activities. It has beautiful landscapes, mountains, and hills all around the lake. There is a beach and sunny lawn here. The medieval town of Rapperswil and Zurich is situated along the beaches of the lake. The cultural highlights are the main attractions here. Don’t miss to pay a visit to this historical place in Switzerland.


9. Lake Constance

Lake Constance

Lake Constance is surrounded by four countries named Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein which is rare among all other lakes of Switzerland. 32% of this lake belongs to Switzerland. It is Europe’s 3rd largest inland lake. It makes the lake a cross-border holiday destination, often termed as paradise! This lake is divided into 2 parts, Lake Superior and Lake Inferior. You can enjoy swimming and boating in this lake during summer.


10. Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is located on the 4 Swiss cantons named Unterwalden, Uri, Lucerne, and Schwyz. It’s a paradise for spending seaside holidays. The water of this lake is mind-blowing. It consists of some bays and arms particularly the Gersau basin, Lake Kussnacht, the Stansstad bay, etc. The average temperature remains between 22-degree Celsius to 25-degree Celsius which is mild.


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As we are about to conclude the post today, we expect that you read between the lines and came to know about the most popular lakes and beaches in Switzerland. Now, it’s your turn to make a quick checklist, pack your backpack, and set out for your favorite holiday destination in Switzerland. Hope the post was helpful and you enjoyed reading. Let Get Going…

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