Top 10 Beaches in France

What can be a better holiday destination other than a beach? And if it is a beach in France, it is indeed one of the best because mother nature has poured all her blessings to the beaches in France. France is situated within the Mediterranean Sea, the English Channel, and the French Rivera that’s why the beauty of the French Beaches is beyond imagination. Are you a travel freak and planning to check out the beaches of France on your next holiday? Let’s get started choosing your holiday destination in France. Let Get Going…

Top 10 Beaches in France

France has been gratified with a number of wonderful beaches that is why it is really difficult to choose a list of 10. You can find a beach for everyone, from attractive beach resorts to big sandy beaches on the Atlantic Coast along with a number of rock mountains all over the country. Here is a list of the Top 10 Beaches in France. Let’s take a look and then choose which should be your next go-to destination.

1. Pampelonne, Saint Tropez

beaches in france, Pampelonne

Pampelonne Beach is world’s one of the most famous beaches for the beach clubs and upmarket boho vibe. The beach is 5 kilometers long and is sandy white. The beach is more tropical, the water is beautiful. There is a famous five-star resort named Cote D’Azur resort of Saint Tropez where you can spend the best time of your life. You are allowed to swim nude in the breezy Pampelonne beach.


2. Crozon Morgat, Brittany

best beaches in france

The Morgat Beach on the peninsula of Crozon is one of the finest beaches of France. This beach is situated in the center of Morgat, over one kilometer from the marina to the top of Rulianec. It is perfect for spending a family holiday. The beach has a perfect rugged scenario and fascinating sea caves, a picturesque resort. It has a wide & sandy beach, pebbles, kids club and other entertainments. There is a pebble cove at the tip of the beach for people who find peach and quietness in the sea.


3. Calanques National Park, Marseilles

best beaches in south of france

Calanques National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks along with a wonderful sea beach and limestone cliffs. It is near Marseille in the Southern part of France. The water of the sea is incredibly blue here and there is something magical in the shore. It is now a popular hiking spot for the Calanques, the most notable one is the En Vau. Short boat tours in the blue water give a heavenly feeling that can’t be expressed in words. If you are planning to visit a sea beach in France, make sure you don’t miss it.


4. Palombaggia, Corsica

popular beaches in france

Palombaggia is a popular beach among many other beaches in France for its umbrella-shaped pine trees, golden sand, cliffs, and the most attractive crystal-clear blue water. The most talk about things on this beach is a boat trip to Porto-Vecchio, Cervicale, and Lavezzi islands. Jet-skiing, windsurfing, pedal boating, and kayaking are popular water activities here. The beach is about 2 kilometers long. Do not forget to give a tour to this magical beach.


5. Etretat, Normandy

beaches in north west france

The Etretat beach of Normandy is primarily known for its jagged chalk cliffs in North France. It’s a 2 hours’ drive from the town of Paris. There are so many natural attractions, wonderful structures of ancient times, white boulders, etc. that make this place an extraordinary one. You can have a clifftop walk here and enjoy the popular aches and L’Aiguille stack.


6. Ajaccio, Corsica

beaches in ajaccio france

Ajaccio is the main city of Corsica. There is a famous shore around Ajaccio located on the west coast of Corsica and you will be glad to know that it has a pretty beach. This beach is like dreamy pine-backed Plage de Mare e Sole, and the sea has transparent blue water. The sand is powdery, very comfortable to walk. You can enjoy the Corsican sunbath lying on the beach. Do not forget to pay a visit to the town Cathedral and Casa Buonaparte, Napoléon’s birthplace and family home.


7. Porquerolles

best beaches in south of france

Porquerolles is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, only 20 miles away from the southern coast of France, near Hyeres. The best beach on this island is The Pelage de Notre Dame. The state made a National Park here to stop the beach from being developed. The outside town is free from any pollution that’s why you will see no car or smoking here.


8. Lacanau, Atlantic Coast

sandy beach in france

Lacanau beach in Bordeaux of the Atlantic coast is a sandy beach of 14 kilometers. It is best to surf among all the other beaches in the country. The annual surfing competition is held here every year. It’s great fun to come here along with the family, perform some watersports, and spend quality time together.


9. Paloma Beach

best beaches in nice france

Paloma Beach is a pretty beach and is a luxurious destination in Southern France. Celebrities often visit this beach. It has a number of quality restaurants, bars, clubs, and eateries. This is a great place for party lovers. You will see there is a party almost every day and night on this beach. The beach is stony, the scenario is marvelous. Having sunbath or water bath on the beach, eating in famous restaurants with mountains in the back will give you exceptional pleasure.


10. Kerlouan, Brittany

Kerlouan Beach France

The Kerlouan beach in Brittany is a winner for its wild dune landscapes majestic rock mountains and rocky roads. The beach is called the Plague de Boutrouilles in the French language.  The coast is surrounded by granite boulders. There are very charming Breton villages here in Brittany which will soothe your eyes. The beach of Kerlouan is soft and white sand covers the beach like white snow.


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